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Born of Conquest, but destined to Create

Precision Play was birthed, oddly enough, not in the fantastical realms of Dungeons and Dragons. Nor Tolkienian epic or Robert E. Howard inspired swashbuckling, dungeon crawling, Sword and Sorcery inspired adventure. But in the Grim Dark Future of the 41st Millennium. A realm where Heretics, Xenos, Mutants and the forces of Chaos combine to deprive mankind of it's manifest birthright; nothing short of total dominion over anything that it might lay a tenuous claim too by simple observance. An age where a self enslaved humanity fights tooth and nail against countless enemies across millions of beleaguered, shell pocked and trench sprawled worlds bridging the void of a galaxy aflame. Simply put, a Child of War. But as competition breeds excellence, conflict precedes peace and peace transitions to abundance, eventually even swords are beaten to plowshares. And so what began as a competitive design was lovingly nurtured, given space to grow and eventually blossomed into something greater than it's original intent. Born of conquest, but destined to create. Over the course of years we have toiled. Melding science and art, wisdom and intellect, skill and perseverance. With blind eye to personal cost, deaf ear to pessimism, and rejection of peer trends we bring to you a glimpse of the future. An artefact cast back in time to seed your imaginations wildest dreams into reality upon a million worlds without the desire to command, control and exploit but to create, explore and enjoy. And so adventurer, we ask you to join us, for a great journey is about to begin. For more information visit us at

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