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Strange men distributing dice at conventions.....

My first year at GenCon was quite an experience that gave me the opportunity to meet a variety of different people. I was there as a Dungeon Master running some Dungeons and Dragons 5E games at the JW Marriot because, well, it is something that I love to do. I had worked every night of the convention so far when Friday evening came around. The tables were full, and everyone was having an exciting time playing their favorite game.

Imagine my surprise when, from the doorway, I noticed someone come in with a wagon and a box. While he was certainly a curiosity, I did not really pay him much attention as I was in the middle of running a game that had just come to a crucial part of the adventure. I did keep my eye on him though, mainly because I wondered what table he was playing at.

As a few minutes went by, I noticed the wagon and a box gentleman was walking from table to table. Despite being deeply engrossed in running my game, I welcomed the interruption when he approached my table and asked if he could have a moment of my time. He explained that he made dice and he wanted to hand some out to my players. Of course, I would not say no to that! My entire table watched excitedly as he reached into his wagon and started pulling out wooden dice boxes, handing one to each player.

He started explaining the unique design of his dice and his efforts to ensure that he was making dice that were as close to "fair" as could be made. I was intrigued as I do enjoy dice that will roll true each time for my players and myself. He also offered me a wooden dice box after handing one to each of my players. My excitement piqued listening to him talk about the dice and his passion about design and balance. Then I opened the box he handed to me.

Inside the wooden box were two d6 dice unlike any I had seen before. Brass colored with stems reaching out from the center to each corner allowed no space for air bubbles. They shone like no other dice I had ever seen, and I was mesmerized. A quick glance at my players revealed they were rolling the dice and enjoying the feel. Everyone was commenting on how nice they were and how they could not wait to see a complete set of these dice.

That is the day I met Tyson Lauby and learned more about these dice. After GenCon, I followed up with him to get more information about his unique dice. He was as passionate talking to me as the day I met him. I honestly cannot wait to see what a complete set feels like and to watch them show up at future gaming tables that I am running.

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